Our numbers for the last 12 months:
Analytics-as-a-Service for investors and startups
The venture consulting company specializing in investment deals
and startups analysis and market research for venture market players.
startups were deeply analyzed
2 000+
projects screened
market researches conducted

What we do

Сomplex in-depth analysis (market size, industry trends, forecasts, detailed analysis of key market players, demand and sales potential etc.) for startups, venture studios and accelerators to identify the best entry points to new markets or taking new positions on current markets.

On demand analytics for VC investors.
We cover all processes of startups analytics for VCs, Business Angels and Syndicates from initial screening and further scoring to the involvement of experts to scale the analytics processes, speed up the investment decisions process and make it more transparent and clear.
We provide a wide range of services in the venture capital market from strategic market analysis to business strategy development. Some of our additional services:

The first stage of working with the investor funnel: brief startup's presentation review on 4 criteria (problem, solution, market and team). Based on the report we give a recommendation for further work with a startup with a short cover note.
An analytical report, screened through our proprietary scoring system against 10 criteria (Market, Product, Technology, Competitors etc). On special request we add 3-5 expert opinions from startups, investors and large companies' executives operating on the similar market.
    Investment memorandum
    A detailed report used by investors and syndicators to raise the round, summarizing all the collected information in a convenient format for presentations to other investors or LPs.
    Selection of projects for the investor according to a specific request:
    • Dynamic scouting: specific list of industries and a desired number of startups in a limited time period;
    • Moderate scouting: investor gains access to projects that applied for fundraising and passed our team's initial scoring.
    Idea Screening
    The first stage of the idea analysis coming to the venture studio based on 4 criteria: problem, solution, market and team.
    Based on the report we give a recommendation of the project's advancement to the next stage of analytics.
    Market research
    Complex in-depth analysis:
    • Market size, trends, forecasts;
    • Detailed analysis of competitors;
    • Demand and sales potential;
    • Entry barriers, legal and tax issues;
    • Key business success factors.
    Based on the report we highlight the best entry points on the market.
    Market validation
    n-depth research to verify hypotheses and make the most reasonable investment decisions. In addition to market research includes collecting field data by qualitative and quantitative research methods (expert interviews, CustDevs, quantitative surveys, etc.)
    Competitive analysis
    Research of your competitors on numerous criteria. We create a detailed report with valuable insights that will enable you to make decisions and develop a business strategy. The research can be ordered on a one-time or a subscription basis.
    Preparation for investment round
    Together with a startup and a potential investor, we are working on the information delivery linking all the data into a single story. Create or finalize existing investment presentation, financial model, teaser and blurb, prepare investment memorandum, investment strategy and a list of investors.
    Market research
    Complex in-depth analysis:
    • Market size, trends, forecasts;
    • Detailed analysis of competitors;
    • Demand and sales potential;
    • Entry barriers, legal and tax issues;
    • Key business success factors.
    On special request we collect field data by qualitative and quantitative research methods (expert interviews, CustDevs, quantitative surveys, etc.)
    Business development strategic plan
    A comprehensive roadmap designed to identify and seize new business opportunities, establish strategic partnerships, and enhance overall business performance. The plan incorporates company or business unit audit, market research, target audiences' analysis, competitive strategies, assortment and sales, and monetization and pricing strategy etc.
    Quantitative and qualitative surveys
    We survey B2B and B2C audiences: conduct personal, telephone and online surveys. The team can conduct various types of qualitative research including in-depth interviews, expert interviews, custdevs and focus groups to unlock invaluable insights that will help to tailor sales strategies to perfection.
    We cooperate with 100+ investors (VCs, venture studios, accelerators and business angels)
    on various services.
    Some of our clients and partners:
    • David
      Serial entrepreneur
      (Event agency, Software development, Marketing agency)

    • Michael
      Investment Manager
      Serial entrepreneur
      (Business community, Marketing agency)
    • Anait
      Investment Analyst
      4+ years in strategy consulting (Accenture, Kontur)
    • Alex
      Experience in F&A (United Nations Information Centre)

    • Kate
      Investment Analyst
      15+ years in strategy consulting (Navigate Consulting, Mysterion)

    • Polina
      Investment Analyst
      4+ years in VC services (SOBA, SUAI Accelerator)
    • Eugene
      Investment Analyst
      11+ years in financial services (Banking)
    We help venture capitalists make thoughtful decisions
    • High speed performance
      Our team can analyze up to 30 startups across multiple technological spheres and geographical markets simultaneously per week (scoring) for one investor and conduct 5+ market researches simultaneously.
    • Profound experience
      We have accumulated extensive experience across multiple technological spheres and geographical markets having conducted 60+ market researches and analyzing over 2,000 startups per year.
    • Individual approach
      Each of our solutions is individual, flexible and tailor-made taking into account special requirements of every customer.
    • Systematization & complexity
      Our team uses exclusive frameworks for each type of service to automate research involving multiple data sources and complex statistical methods.
    • Depth of analysis
      We take into account all peculiarities of a market or a project using various methods of collecting and analyzing information.
    • Additional expertise
      Collaboration with a great pull of experts in different fields grant access to proprietary data and industry contacts to enhance the relevance and quality of our services.
    What partners are saying about
    Angel Invests
    • Eduard Zolotukhin
      Partner at 3ED Ventures
      The Angel Invests team helps us with the startups analytics. We are satisfied with how quickly and efficiently they do their work. Knowing the investment strategy of 3ED Ventures and our criteria for selecting startups, Angel Invests regularly gives us access to their most interesting deals.
    • Sergey Dashkov
      General Partner at JointJourney
      We have been working with the Angel Invests team on startup analytics since the beginning of 2022. I'd like to point out the quality: in-depth analytics, excellent watchfulness in many areas, promptness. The quality and speed of work are at a high level, all commitments are always completed on time.
    • Fedor Yakovlev
      Managing Partner at Startup Lab
      I met David about a year ago. There were many such acquaintances, but almost all of them led to little. Working with Angel Invests was something new for me. Clear and understandable communication, interesting projects, intelligent questions. And of course, the right projects that fall into our focus.
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